August 20, 2010

Chronopuncture, narrowly focused

More on Time Energies use, a scheme composed with focus on the interval of several minutes for a case of  serious brain trauma from car accident: 

Traumas and cancer have the same basic energy of Cold, belonging to Yin or Gomo-group.

The scheme:
--- points 1 to 7 show time energies focusing
 to the interval of several minutes
--- points 8 and 9 relate to healing scheme, i.e.
sedate Homo or Yin group of energies, tone up
Hetero or Yang group.
--- points 10 and 11 are controlling

Other energies which may be involved in a trauma are:
--- Wind - seizures, any violent condition
--- Heat - bleeding, hematoma (together with Dampness)
--- Burn - massive bleeding, rise of intracranial pressure 
--- Dampness - everything related to liquids dynamics, rise of intracranial pressure (together with Burn),
swelling, hematoma
--- Dryness - everything related to spasm, blockage, rupture of tissue
--- Cold in addition, relates to severe loss of function, serious blockage, severe disruption of blood and liquor curculation, necrosis.

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