August 21, 2010

Basic energy points and Chi-Gong

Basic energy points are special points used to raise energy in the body, described earlier:

The points are on channels corresponding to Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai meridians in classic acupuncture. 
They are very important prior to general treatement in case of serious lack  of energy, because if there's not enough free energy to direct by main acupuncture, any treatment is waste of time. 
They are also used during treatment to energize and harmonize, and as great prophylactic tool.

Observations on how these points work led to conclusion they work similar to the well-known Chi-Gong exercise "Lesser Heavenly Circuit" when energy is accumulated via circulation of Qi theough Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai channels. 
This technique is a base for most Chi-Gong traditions, and regarded in one of them as a "door which 
opens to draw one away from death".

Basic energy points can help for cancer treatment for the reasons above, and also at remission to destroy the source Cold energy which is fuel for cancer: 
--- when the major part of it is eliminated 
--- the rest of it is made inoperable by immune system
cancer will not be able to come back as there's simply no energy to thrive on.
Of course, this is better to be supervised by a specialist and also constantly monitored for cancer behavour.

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