September 12, 2010

Esophageal cancer

Related to the news about Seiji Ozawa, Japan's most noted conductor, who has been diagnosed 
with esophageal cancer in its early stages:
Mapping of esophagus like it was previously done for body areas, gives general scheme for
esophagus, which can be viewed as a part of stomach system:
Heat--->Dampness(stomach system)--->Heat(esophagus): energies to work on

As it is reported as early stage cancer, it is Wind or Heat stage in Su-jok classification:
there may be 3 general schemes: 
--- to fight cancer's root energy i.e. Cold:
Heat--->Dampness--->Heat: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Neitro and Neito control
or Cold sedate, Burn tone up, Light, Darkness control
--- to control cancer's spreading:
Heat--->Dampness--->Heat: Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up, Neitro and Neito control
--- to fight cancer specifically at this stage:
Heat--->Dampness--->Heat: Wind sedate, Dampness tone up, Light and Darkness control
assuming cancer is at Wind stage.
Second and third schemes are basically the same as Wind is Hetero energy and Dampness is
Gomo energy.
Third scheme in Spiral system:

--- the scheme uses spirals going inward assuming this cancer case was induced by external harmful factors
--- points 1 and 2 target the esophagus
--- yellow point is sedation of Wind 
--- additional blue point means also sedation of 
Cold, the basic cancer energy
--- dark green points are controlling points.

This type of schemes is probably the most complex in Su-jok, however the simplest to use - the image is resized to palm.

Such scheme allows concentration of healing energy in a very narrow place for strongest action, 
to fight localized tumour like brain tumours.
It also gives list of energies involved in this cancer case, which allows work on them as main energies, which means involvement of the whole body:

This may be valuable to treat methastatic cancer
developed from once located, as it seems logical
the energy sequence once propelled it reflect in the ways it may spread.

There can also be different mapping of esophagus from it's being between 5-th and 4-th chakras, 
which gives characteristic Heat and Wind energies, like Heat and Dampness for the previous scheme:

As time has passed since the moment the news about his cancer have been published
(January 2010), these schemes will need certain corrections if use them right now.

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