September 13, 2010

The Thumb System, all cancer cases on one joint

There's been given schemes to treat cancer on joints according to the main energy
of organ:

Energies on left hand - Yang or Hetero group: 

1. Cold: bladder
2. Dryness: colon
3. Dampness: stomach
4. Wind: gall bladder
5. Heat: small intestine
6. Burn: spinal column
7. Light: 

8. Darkness

1. Cold:  kidneys
2. Dryness: lungs.
3. Dampness: spleen
4. Wind: liver
5. Heat: heart 
6. Burn: brain 

7. Light: 
8. Darkness

Since thumbs are controlling for all other fingers, there exist
more fundamental Thumbs system which comprises all above energies on 4 meridians:

--- wrist joint line - Neito meridian
--- root thumb joint - Gomo-meridian
--- 2-nd thumb joint -Hetero meridian
--- the line around the nail - Neitro-meridian

Points are 2-3 mm size:
--- red - Hetero
--- blue - Gomo
--- green - Neitro and Neito
and are at 90* to each other - at 6.00, 9.00, 12.00and 15.00 on the joint line if look from top.
For nail meridian points are on flesh touching the nail from outside

This allowes to treat all Hetero conditions on Hetero-meridian and all Gomo conditions on

Gomo - meridian.
Since cancer is mainly Cold = Gomo disease, all cancer cases may be attributed to the root 
thumb joint N2. 

Cancer is treated according to the general principles:
--- to fight it's main energy one sedates Gomo (Cold) and tones up Hetero (Burn) - points 1 and 2, marked A on the pic
--- to control cancer's spreading, one sedates Hetero and tones up Gomo - points 1 and 2, marked B 
on the pic
--- Neitro and Neito points 3 and 4 are controlling, at least in case of self-treatment by 
non-specialists - green points on joints lines.
Neitro Point 3 for both cases is on the same meridian
Neito point 4 for both cases is on the nail meridian
--- treatment for non-specialists is taping crystals of the same colour, more in previous 

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