September 10, 2010

Blackseed and Hilba: cancer treatment

Blaskseed and Hilba are well-known first of all in Muslim world for their healing properties.
Blackseed is referred there as "cure for everything exept death".
Hilba is described in the words: "... If people knew it's true value, they'd trade it for the price
of gold".
Scientific studies have shown both plants are unique source of active substances, in particlar,
the discovered antibacterial/antiviral properties of blackseed were really amazing.
There are many recipes with blackseed as a core component cited in books on Muslim medicine
including cancer treatment (was given earlier).
Blackseed is believed a very promising herb for this which is no surprise for Chinese and Su-jok medicine for it's having strong Yang energy.

Hilba is effective in treatment of women's diseases, fertility problems, sexual dysfunction,as a unique source 
of vitamines and trace elements to promote recovery after serious illness, and also for cosmetic purposes,
so it may be classified as Yin energy plant.
So they both may be seen as Yin-Yang pair and the whole branch of herbal medicine may be 
based on these two plants.

Regarding cancer: 
--- blackseed acts as Yang destroying root cancer energy = Cold 
--- hilba can nurture and support giving energy and essential substances to restore body and functions.
This may be very essential at late stages of cancer, with a lot of badly damaged areas and little energy, 
so destroying tumour alone can't solve the problem.

The already mentioned anticancer remedy:
--- blackseed, finely grinded - 135g
--- blackseed oil, 125 ml
mixed to give a viscous pulp, also may be finely grated carrot and garlic in lesser quantities.
This mixture is probably too strong to be taken by mouth, and is oriented more on application on organ's zones.

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