February 26, 2011

Breast Cancer treatment to lead to hip fracture - Su-jok evaluation

Evaluation in Su-jok:

--- breasts are especially rich in lymph nodes
--- lymphatic system is controlled by Dampness energy
--- breast cancer is known to often metastasise in abdomen area, controlled by
--- Dampness energy also controls both hips in Space Energies 

The observations were made on women in their early 50-th and 4 of them received treatment to block production of estrogen.
As hormones generally have energy of Burn=Yang, this:
--- can be helpful to fight cancer's spreading as it is mostly powered by energy of Burn
--- on the other hand, this raises energy of Cold, the root cancer's energy.

Growing Cold on functional level is degenerative processes and loss of function.
The problem is, main energy of Cold governs bones.
So a combination of harmful factors:
--- caused degenerative process in bones
--- breast cancer directed this to the Dampness controlled bones - 

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