March 2, 2011

Breast cancer, optimal time for treatment

Energy sequence for a disease obtained thorugh this or that approach can point to
optimal time interval for acu treatment, and any other type of treatment.
In case of breast cancer with tumours in lymphatic system the treatment time 
within a day is:
5.40 AM - 5. 46.36 AM local time

If there is also metastasing in, for example, bones, which developed on later stages, the time interval

narrows to: 
5.45. 30 - 5.46.36 AM
If, for example, do a pinpoint radiation treatment for the most energetically active part of 
bone metastases this will give much stronger effect with lower doses.
This is confirmed by treatment by high-intense pulsing coloured light radiation and laser radiation 
used in Su-jok medicine.
The problem is to find such area which is seemingly not so easy for official cancer medicine.
It's possible to narrow the interval of treatment to several seconds, which raises
it's efficiency even more.

Energy sequence which describes a disease derived different way may indicate different time interval, and
will also be correct, just switching on different energy mechanism.
There are at least 3 standard energies to use for cancer every time:
--- Cold, Burn, Dampness

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