October 12, 2010

Local systems

There can be treatment in "local systems" in any Correspondence system, possible schemes to treat cancer in Insect System on finger:

 Any disease which affects an organ will
create sensitive points and areas at a zone
linked to it.
Besides, it will create circular/elliptical zones in the area of max. active process, so
 --- one can draw a circle or ellipse to
best match the cancer location from MRI
--- mark points on the circle path, 4 for Triorigin
healing or 8 for treatment in 8 Qi.

There are samples of:
a) 4 points  - Triorigin treatment for liver to tame cancer spreading
b) 8 Qi scheme for lungs and brain, complex action:
--- to treat cancer at it's roots
( blue points to sedate Cold and tone up Burn) --- to control spreading - orange points to sedate Heat and tone up Dryness
--- action on fundamental level to sedate Light to tame fast spreading- dark point for brain
along with orange points.

Scheme for lungs in detail:
--- both blue points are to sedate Cold and tone up Burn to cut cancer's roots
--- orange point to control proliferation as toning up Burn provokes cancer to spread
--- green point above the orange point - to sedate Dampness - accumulation of fluid in lung

That points for brain are on nail is no problem for Su-jok as there is a luminodiode pulsing high intensity emmitter with plastic cones which focus the beam in a very narrow spot.

Universal finger for everyone can be finger of Cold, the ring finger right hand.

The same can be done in a Standard Correspondence system on palm.


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