April 30, 2011

Heart attack

There's already been info on heart attack origin related to aterosclerosis in:

Considering the same energy behind as for cancer, scheme for Cold energy:
Heat (circulation system)--->Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Wind (muscle, myocardium):
Cold and Dryness sedate, Burn tone up, Light control

scheme in Triorigin

For self-treatment one can mark the points by colours shown on the pic, tape natural crystals
of the same colours onto, more has been described in the blog.

Essential: this scheme is oriented on developed Cold state, several hours to several days since 
the moment of heart attack and further on, thus suitable for self-treatment.
To help right at the scene first minutes to several hours there can be an emergency scheme 
aimed on general strike of harmful energy:

This in fact is the same as dealing with gunshot wounds
 (post on Gabrielle Giffords's case):

There are 2 black points 3 and 3' as options
to choose for this scheme.

Such scheme can ease heart attack severity in seconds
in hands of professional, which can make a big difference
for the future course of the disease.

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