July 27, 2010

Similarity of cancer and heart attack

These two are among those having the worst statistics over a humankind.
Su-jok acupuncture gives some clues and show their nature to be much closer 
than one may ever think in Western medicine.

Cancer is Yin=Gomo disease by it's roots but Yang=Hetero in the way it
develops, the uncontrolled spreading.
The main factors causing heart attack are:
--- high blood pressure
--- clogging the arteries by cholesterol
both are caused by the same pathogenic energy of Burn =Yang:
--- high blood pressure is excess of Burn in cardiovascular system
--- the cholesterol and other fats as substances belong to energy of Burn in substances 

The way the process develops if take aterosclerosis, that the similarity between cancer 
and heart attack becomes clear:
--- cholesterol sedimentates from blood on the arteries walls, i.e. energy of Burn = Yang accumulates
on the perifery of the cardiovascular system
--- this leaves the opposite energy of Cold = Yin in the centre of cardiovascular system i.e. in the heart
--- harmful energy of Cold is: stones formation, paresis, and in particular, necrosis i.e the heart attack.

In case of cancer:
--- the cancer roots belong to energy of Cold
--- the metastasising process is powered by energy of Burn
so there's again Cold = Yin in the centre and Yang, mainly Burn, at the perifery.

This demonstrates there's no need for some external harmful factor like virus or bacteria
with their specific energy to make body sick; this can be done simply by polarizing the normal
organ's state to Burn and Cold, as in case of heart attack and cancer.

The killer N1 in developed world, the Ischemic Heart Disease,  responsible for 7,208,000 lives annually according to:
is excess of harmful Dryness energy in the heart i.e. belongs to the same Yin group as
energy of Cold.

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