July 11, 2010

Time Energies acupuncture for July 13-31

There is universal approach to harmonize one's state regardless of a condition using 
Time Energies points.
Theory is rather complex, in brief, one addreses the general flow of energy; each day, hour etc there is set of points representing the whole spectrum of energies charging the body.

The points are marked for July 13-31:
--- there are3 points used for each day
--- all are on fingers joints
--- points 1 and 2 are fixed
--- point 3 floats from joint to joint for each day marked by corresponding numbers
--- for 13-th and 25-th june point 3 is on the same joint but at right at 90* topoint 2, view on joint's cross-section from top.
--- for 25-31 July the numbers are beside the joints.

The treatment:
--- heating the points in the sequence by an incense stick, holding it perpendicular onto the point at comfortable distance, for 1-1.5-2 min each, start with 1 min,or until a pleasant warm sensation at each
May be done 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.

Optional treatment to make it stronger:
--- taping green natural crystals onto all 3, crystals may be any, like malachite,
peridote, amazonite etc, size 2-5 mm.
--- one may have them for several hours, up to 24 hours. After use to be treated in
salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours
--- a green plant seeds like lentils, work 24 hours then changed to fresh ones.
The energy in the seed stored for growth comes into one's body.
Good to massage points right by massaging crystals or seeds, any time and as much as one 

Though simple, it helps for any condition though it's efficiency can vary deeply from person to person.

Another problem: you can't treat by this just what you want, i.e. together with main problem one will get
the wrong regime, past alcohol abuse etc back to compensate. 
Healthy ones may found themselves charged with energy and better balanced in all aspects.

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