July 29, 2010

Benign and malignant tumours

They differ in main energy:
--- several types of benign and generally "soft" tumours  belong to main energy of Dampness
(blood clots are also Dampness)
--- all "solid" formations like stones, calcificates, and cancer tumours relate to main energy
of Cold.

General scheme of energies curculation (in 6 Qi):


is behind any process including how the disease is developed in time,
and both energies belong to Yin or Gomo group of energies, just differ in degree
of Yin: Dampness opens the group and Cold is the end point.

This shows the reason and possibility of benign tumour to evolve into malignant:
--- which agrees with the main course of events
--- goes through stage of Dryness

Energy of Dryness:
--- has main feature of shrinking and contraction.
--- Dryness is responsible for defense mechanisms, so it seems logical the evolution 
of benign tumour to malignant may involve serious changes in immune system work.

Dryness also:
--- governs "barrier" and "structuring" structures like cells membranes, epthitelium, 
connective tissue
--- a number of benign tumours forms from epithelium cells 
--- cancer is known to grow from epithelium cells.

It's possible all cancer formation goes through "benign" stage though this not possible to be

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