July 31, 2010

Classic and Su-jok acupuncture for cancer

Classic Chinese acupuncture operates mostly by 12 meridians linked to
the corresponding organs and 2 Extraordinary meridians Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai
which control them.
There are another 6 Extraordianry meridians described.

According to Su-jok acupuncture, these 12 represent the Hetero or Yang part of the whole 
body energy system, known as boyl-meridians in Su-jok.
Su-jok uses more energy systems.

Cancer has both Yin and Yang energies:
--- Yin = Cold at it's roots
--- Yang = Burn powers proliferation
Thus classic acupuncture operating meridians of Hetero-type has more Yang action:
--- quick effect
--- at the same time, effects are more temporary and tend to concentrate on "outer" aspects
which can explain:
--- generally quick effect on a patient which however is usually not prolonged and as a rule,
focuces on external issues and less on cancer's roots.
--- and frequently quoted danger of speeding up cancer proliferation as nature of meridians
system matches Yang side of cancer.

Other 3 energy systems offered by Su-jok acu are:
--- Gomo or Yin which are boyl-chakras, horizontal meridians in Spiral energy system,
and the whole large group of Correspondense systems, like the Insect system on finger
frequently used in this blog
the last pic at bottom
--- Neitro - systems presented in this blog by Spiral, Joints and Nails systems, which correspond 
--- The most fundamental, the Diamond Energy System, which allows treatment of very serious, 
deep-rooting and widespread conditions as the 6 Border and 6 Core meridians each cover large
body sections.

Classic acu uses 2 Extraordinary meridians Du-Mai and Zheng-mai, which are in fact the 2 elements 
for the Diamond Energy System.

 So in case of cancer using Su-jok acu:
--- one may choose the energy system for a specific cancer case and work on
cancer roots or proliferation
--- use Neitro Spiral Systems which combines Gomo = Yin and Hetero=Yang features allowing
treatment for both aspects of cancer at the same time, because spiral meridians cross and
connect the vertical = Hetero and horizontal = Gomo meridians
--- treat the whole region striken by tumour and metastases in Diamond Energy system, like colon cancer with MTS in liver and spleen on the Lower Core meridian.

Sample of Diamond Energy System meridians for that (all listed organs are covered by the meridian) and 
also to treat leukemia: 

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