July 31, 2010

How acupuncture acts on cancer

The way acupuncture acts on cancer is rather similar to traditional anticancer tool 
i.e radiation treatment.
In Su-jok therapy, it modifies the initial spectrum of body energies and focuses this on the tumour 
so that the energy beam becomes poisonous to cancer structures.
The difference between this and classic radiation therapy is:
--- the healing energies are generated from body's natural energies and actually don't differ 
from main energy of Burn, if take it, powering nervious system or pancreas digestive function.
--- that's why they can't do harm to normal cells and cause any side-effects known for radiation
--- they can be generated at specific place thus focused on chosen structures not mechanically, but
by the acu recipe which programmes the action
--- there are several ways to do this, by Correspondence systems and via set of points.
--- there may be more "radiation" by adding a high-power light beam or laser beam
to needles treatment, and the action can be easily dosed.

It's quite possible, the classic radiation treatment itself can be performed on palm/fingers using
Correspondence systems.
So there may be certain improvement even in traditional cancer treatment with the aid from
acu knowledge.

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