August 2, 2010

Microbiological weapons against cancer

Approach to treat cancer by Ukranian specialist in alternative medicine 
Boris Bolotov, to create microbiological tools from common microorganisms, in particular, 

Using plant toxins is well-known in alternative medicine for cancer, however:
--- these substances are toxic to normal body cells
--- this requires careful and individual prescription
--- cancer was found to adapt to poisons so one has to vary them which is not an easy task especially 
if the body defense mechanisms are already weakened.

The main idea for this approach is:
--- human-friendly microorganisms are grown in presence of highly toxic herbs
--- as a result only the strongest survive
--- it turned out during fermentation these microorganisms convert the original alcaloids and other 
poisons into aminoacids, sugars etc which means the mass no longer has original 

The basic assumption of Bolotov is that cancer may be viewed as plant organizm which parasites 
on animal cells of humans. This is illustrated by certain facts about cancer cells characteristic proteins and other constituents, aspects of methabolism and other.  
 As a result cancer faces:
--- not a fixed-energy chemicals, but a living species which can also adapt
and upgrade

--- these are especially strong organizms have been grown in highly poisonous 
--- they may get trained to feed on poisons and plant source and may going to search 
for the same in human body

The fact these tools work well not only for digestive system where they can directly contact with tumour formations, but for other cancer locations, is not a mystery for Su-jok, as there are Correspondence systems for any body structure also on inner parts of stomach, intestines etc like on palm/fingers so the mechanism is the same as for applying the anticancer remedy on a reflex zone on a palm.

There is a number of toxic herbs used for diffetent type of cancer, 2 are generally recommended:
--- celandine 
--- general cleansing and revitalizing remedy on banana skins

Typical recipe:
--- place 0.5-0.75 glass by volume of a dried herb in a bag of gauze folded in 3-4 layers, put a stone
inside for it to keep the bag on the bottom of the flask.
--- dissolve 1 glass of sugar by volume in 3 litres of water
--- do not use water filtered through silver-containing filters!
--- add 1 teaspoon of yogurt and stirr until no lumps in solution
--- place the bag with herb in and champ it by a spoon intil most of air released and the bag rests 
on flask bottom, and cover the flask neck by gauze folded in 3-4 layers.

The flask is put in moderately warm place 25-30*C for 2 weeks; there may mold form on the surface 
to be removed.

Recipe on banana skins:
--- chop skins of 5-6 bananas into small pieces
--- dissolve 1 glass of sugar by volume in 3 litres of water
--- add 1 teaspoon of yogurt and stirr until no lumps in solution
--- empty the chopped skins into and cover the flask neck by gauze folded in 3-4 layers.
 The drink may be used after 7-10 days.

--- celandine drink: good to start from small doses 1-2 tablespoons before meal, and  gradually up
to 1/4 of a glass 
--- as much as one want for the drink on babana skins.
Good tip:
--- isolate 1 litre of drink for use, then dissolve 0.5 of glass of sugar in 1 litre of water and pour this
into the flask, in 24 hours the drink will fully restore.

Drink on celandine has good cleansing and tumour-destroying effects, there's been many reports on 
succesful use.
Drink on banana skins is good general purpose, also to normalize work of digestive system, besides,
it contains bioactive tryptophane, which helps normal sleep, depression and mood swings.

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