August 3, 2010

Microbiological weapons against cancer 2

Another type of Bolotov's anticancer remedy is also prepared by fermentation:
--- one applies 2-5 drops of plant oil onto a pieces of sugar
--- places them in a flask covered by gauze folded 3-4 times
--- this is stored in moderately warm place for 2-3 monthes
The oil undergoes fermentation by microorganisms present on sugar surface; the stuff is described 
to "melt" by air humidity gradually to form sort of honey;  the constituent lipids are converted to a very complex mixture of organic acids, ketones, ketoethers etc.
It causes overall body warming-up and is able to lyse cancer formations and power immune system.

There may be any oil taken, i.e. sunflower, olive oil.
From practice:
--- never had the sugar cubes melt into honey probably due to low humidity
--- the resulting sugar cubes however have the described properties 
--- the stuff is somewhat prone to rancid if too high temperature at store location
--- it gets noticeable power after 2 monthes however for really strong action the fermentation time
exceeds 3.5-4 monthes.

The properties of oil determine to some extent the action of resulting remedy.
The remedy from melon seeds oil used to lyse kidney stones, acts a bit different to that 
from olive oil.

From Su-jok evaluation, this type of remedy:
--- has very nice balanced spectrum of energies of whole Yang group i.e. Wind, Heat, and Burn,
so that the action is rather strong yet balanced
--- this becomes clear when compared to described remedy of blackseed and blackseed
oil, which has more Yang - the main energy of Burn, thus action is faster but in more "burning"
--- this remedy has prominent lysing effect compared to blackseed and it's oil because of 
Wind and Heat.
Similarly, one can use plant juice like celandine juice.

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