April 3, 2011

Diabetes case, chronopuncture

A scheme based on the moment a diabetes sufferer has slipped into coma,
March 29:

Points are in the  middle on joints lines like
on the pic, size 2-3 mm.

The scheme is simple and safe enough to allow self-treatment on professional level:
--- heating the points in a sequence, this is critical,
by 2-3 incense sticks tied together or a special moxa cigar, holding it perpendicular to points at comfortable distance for pleasant flow of heat.

Each point heated for 30 sec to 2 min, start with 30 sec.
One may as usual do standard self-treatment:
--- tape green natural crystals size 2-3 mm onto for o.5 to several hours up to next day
--- or tape green or black plant seeds like lentils or black pepper grains.
Blackseed is especially effective, 2-3 as a cluster onto each point.
Good idea to heat the points as described then tape crystals or seeds, or even first tape crystals 
or seeds then heat them on points.

If combine such scheme with the one for current day, this can help in most serious cases.

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