April 2, 2011

Diabetes, type 1, easy scheme

Easy-to-use self-treatment scheme.
Serious diabetes case may be regarded as even more cruel condition than cancer, because cancer
is Gomo = Cold disease speaking of it's root energy, however diabetes may be rendered a quality of Neitro-disease (together with certain types of incorrect heart beating and more).

In breif, Gomo=Yin and Hetero=Yang are "natural" energies for disease so far all diseases are classified 
as Yin or Yang type in classic Chinese medicine.
Su-jok medicine broadens this adding Neitro (and Neito) forces, and it's Neitro force which has natural power to bring Yin and Yang in harmony.
Diabetes is also Gomo = Yin disease as the main harmful energies are Dryness and Cold, but it strikes endocrinal system which is Neitro.
Besides, being considered as autoimmune disease, it also relates to Neitro energy.
Thus if the energy which is universal healer is affected, this may be worse than Yin-Yang imbalance 
and also means healing of diabetes may be more complex than "average" cancer.

The general scheme:
Dampness--->Dampness: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up

points are on joints line, view from top
of fingers!

--- massaging points in a sequence by smth like a round tip of pencil
--- tape natural crystals of the same colour onto points
--- or red and green plant seeds like carrot seed or 
guelder rose and lentils.

This scheme is given in Spiral system horizontal meridians (chronic case) and is most safe.

Professional treatment should involve boyl-chakras as Gomo-component of energy system, besides, there may be individual schemes for diabetes complications like ulcers, retinopathia etc.
It's possible to combine several such schemes into one in Spiral System like was given for cancer.
Time Energies treatment is the same valuable as for other diseases and maybe more, considering the nature
of Time Energies.

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