July 13, 2011

Alexander Vinokurov, hip fracture

The location of fracture he got at 9-th stage of Tour de France invokes concern
because of it's relation to the fundamental energies in his Constitution.

The leading energy in his Constitution appears to be Dampness
--- round developed muscles
--- tranquile balanced character (may also be prone to anxiety deep inside)
--- insightful psychological type
--- consistency as cycling style.
Right hip for men is also controlled by energy of Dampness (energy of Burn for women in pubertal age);
when leading Constitution energy and trauma location energy match, this is more serious
than if this is not the case.

Energy sequence for this fracture:
Cold (bones)--->Dampness (right hip)--->Burn (area closest to pelvis): energies to work on

(Both hips are "Dampness" in classification for all extremities; in classification for legs left Hip (men) is
Burn and right is also Dampness, so right hip may be seen as "prominent Dampness energy").

Description of trauma energies and treatment in 8 Qi was given in a post on Gabrielle Giffords head shot:

The above scheme uses treatment in Triorigin:
--- points 1,2 - locating action in the damaged area 
--- point 3 - Neito tone up - erasing the energy of impact which caused the trauma and restoring 
fundamental "calmness" for disturbed energies
--- point 4 - Hetero sedate - energy behind any disintegration
--- point 5 - Gomo tone up, the opposite energy
--- point 6 - Neitro harmonization (green point) or tone up (white) - fundamental controlling and harmonizing energy

This scheme is applicable right at the scene of accident and next several days
since that moment.
(In the long run, the scheme is to be "reversed" to tone up Hetero, sedate Gomo, and if persistent
problems arise or the fracture shows poor healing, one is to sedate Neito energy as a factor which
hampers the healing).

The scheme may be used for self-treatment to support recovery:
--- one marks points on flesh around nails, points are easy to find as all are at 45* to each other,
size 2-3 mm.
--- tapes ANY natural crystals of the same colour onto
--- heats the points in a sequence, by several incense sticks tied together, perpendicular to 
all points, 30sec to 1-2 min each.

Other parts of body controlled by energy of Dampness essential for potential cycling traumas
are (for men): right shoulder and scapula (will also work for right collarbone), middle finger on both hands; also ribs at back, right side; the same location for cranium.

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