July 6, 2011

Autism case, evaluation

Below is a scheme based on the set of symptomes (basic, not covering all), 
the leading are:
--- organs of senses easily get overfilled by external information, which causes serious
psychological discomfort and even physical symptomes
--- one has troubles expressing himself.

The scheme uses "autoimmune" approach, to harmonize separate symptomes as energies, like:
--- rhinorea which can be targetted by the sequence:
Burn (brain)---> Wind (all organs of sence)--->Wind (sence of smell)
 --- the same sequence describes: Burn (nerv. system)--->Wind (mouth as physical chakra)--->Wind (motor function) which is difficulties in expressing oneself
--- it also describes overloaded sense of vision: Burn is main energy for sense of vision and Wind may be
the dynamic influence from outside.
(This again shows amazing versatility of Su-jok schemes, and that many different symptomes have the same roots):

the scheme in Spiral system, also easiest for
self-treatment if used on palm. 

It turned out, the energy disruptions picture is quite serious and resembles brain problems with physical structures affected, like mild stroke.
This indicates autism needs all spectrum of Su-jok tools to work on physical, emotional and mental levels, and regarded similarly serious as conditions which physically damage brain.

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