September 10, 2012


General scheme to treat lymphomas is based on sequence :
[Heat--->Dampness (stomach, spleen, lymphatic system)]---> [2-path scheme]

To aim at specific cell stricken by cancer, one incorporates an energy sequence for that cell, 
a list of which was given in a post on 2-path schemes for leukemia:
so the scheme looks like:
[Heat--->Dampness (lymph.system)]--->[Heat---Darkness--->Light (blood cells pool)--->X (energy for blood cell)]--->[2-path scheme], image composed for X=Heat, B-cells lymphoma:

The scheme may aim at deeper level, i.e. to target for example, each of T-lymphocytes: [Heat--->Darkness--->Light--->X=Burn]--->Y, where Y is
--- Heat for T-helpers
--- Dryness for T-suppressors
--- Cold for T-killers

 a scheme targeting T-killers

General scheme for T-cells lymphomas:

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