August 11, 2010


Lymphatic system belongs to energy of Dampness, so the general treatment may be performed: 
--- on the Dampness meridian in a chosen meridians system
--- on 3-rd boyl-chakra (A and UM)
In Universal joints system:

         Meridian 3 - Dampness
--- Hetero -Yang energies are on left hand, Gomo -Yin energies 
on right hand
--- to work on the level of main energies, one uses both
--- acute cases are treated (general rule) on left hand,
chronic - on right hand, so one may use Dampness meridians
this way 
--- Yin features (general rule) relate to right hand, Yang featutes
to left hand, thus fighting cancer's roots is logical on right hand 
and it's spreading - on left hand
--- cancer's roots relate to Cold, so one may use transition from
the right Dampness meridian to Cold meridian for more detailed action
and similarly, to fight spreading - left Dampness meridian to Burn meridian.

To work on a particular area, there are several body mappings, one of them:

1 - area controlled by Wind
2 - Heat
3 - Burn
4 - Dampness
5 - Dryness
6 - Cold
For women (young and middle-age) it's generally better to reverse mapping:
--- 1 for 6
--- 2 for 5 etc.

Generally used classification is a bit different:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat
--- head - Burn
--- body - Dampness
--- right arm - Dryness
--- right leg - Cold

and the same for mentioned women.
The first mapping combines extremities and body parts to have advantages in certain cases.

There exist classification for lymphatic system in 8 Qi:
--- left leg  - Wind
--- left arm - Heat
--- chest - Burn
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- abdomen - Cold
--- head - Light
--- inner organs - Darkness

Any of mappings work in all cases however the most efficient will be what best matches the tumour location, patinent's sex, age and other.

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