August 8, 2010

Leukemia update

To the previous posts.
Strictly speaking, leukemia affects not 2 but 3 systems:
--- spleen - Dampnesss in main energy of Heat
--- bone marrow - Darkness in main energy of Heat
--- haemopoetic system (in Su-jok definition)- Light in main energy of Heat
As main energy of Heat represents the whole circulatory system in Su-jok terms
with sub-level energies:
--- Light - haemopoetic system
--- Burn - pancreas/duodenum
--- Heat - cardiovascular system
--- Wind - liver/gall bladder
--- Dampness - lymphatic system, spleen/stomach
--- Dryness - lungs/colon
--- Cold - kidneys/bladder
--- Darkness - bone marrow
it is obvious this type of cancer takes grip literally of the whole body systems, acting directly on the 
lowest end, the middle and the top.

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