August 13, 2010

Skin and bone cancer

Skin relates to Dryness energy and skin cancer may generally be treated:
--- on the Dryness meridian, orange, N 2 in chosen system
--- on 2-nd boyl-chakra
Bones relate to energy of Cold so for this:
--- Cold meridian, red, N1
--- 1-st boyl-chakra

One may apply the same principles discussed in the post
on lymphomas:
--- Hetero -Yang energies are on left hand, Gomo -Yin energies 
on right hand
--- to work on the level of main energies, one uses both
--- acute cases are treated (general rule) on left hand,
chronic - on right hand, so one may use meridians
this way 
--- Yin features (general rule) relate to right hand, Yang featutes
to left hand, thus fighting cancer's roots is logical on right hand 
and it's spreading - on left hand
--- cancer's roots relate to Cold, so one may use transition from
the right Dryness/Cold meridian to Cold meridian for more detailed action
and similarly, to fight spreading, left Dryness/Cold meridian to Burn meridian.

One may use the same mapping of body to focus action given there:

Special mappings for these systems:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat
--- breast - Burn
--- head - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- abdomen - Cold
--- the organs mucus - Darkness
Hair and nails are seen as derivatives of skin and specific changes in a particular nail may indicate
the energy related to it to give clues for better treatment.
2. Bones:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat
--- ribs - Burn
--- cranium - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- pelvis - Cold
--- vertebra - Darkness
Similarly, if there is abnormal situation, for example, for fingers of hands or feet this can be linked 
to a specific energy to facilitate treatment.

General ideas for treatment and points mapping has been described earlier:

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