September 20, 2012

Sarcoma from muscular tissue

General scheme to treat tumours originated in muscular system is the same as for breast and liver cancer:
To target an area stricken by tumour there are several ways of mapping the body regions:

more details in:
 The scheme:
[Wind--->X (energy for the region)]--->[2-path scheme]

In case of a tumour located in extremities, there's standard classification

X for left side:
--- foot/hand - Wind
--- forearm/shin - Heat
--- hip/shoulder - Burn
For right side:
--- hip/shoulder - Dampness
--- forearm/shin -Dryness
--- foot/hand - Cold

women in puberty age have this mirror-like, i.e.  right foot/hand - Wind,
right forearm/shin - Heat... left foot/hand - Cold.

Sarcoma is somewhat different from cancer in terms of energies, however these schemes target 
tumour rooting and spreading, which applies to both.

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