September 26, 2012

Right and left heart sarcomas features, Su-jok evaluation

Regarding to:
several facts observed are of interest, namely:
--- right heart sarcoma tending to be bulky, growing in a more exophitic manner, being more infiltrative, and prone to metastasize earlier than left heart or pulmonary artery sarcoma
---  it less often shows congestive heart failure or compromised hemodynamic status than left heart and pulmonary artery sarcoma, which are usually highly symptomatic at presentation.

Both observations are easily understandable from the point of Su-jok medicine, of right and left heart:
--- first is Gomo or Yin part 
--- second is Hetero or Yang part
Nalignant tumours have most of their energy of Yin nature, so:
---  it's logical that right heart location fits better their nature
--- on the other hand, Yang environment of left heart makes manifestations of sarcoma more active than right heart - Yin - more "crypted".

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