September 7, 2012

Pancreatic cancer

Exocrine part of pancreas is targeted by energy sequence Heat--->Burn, so the scheme
using 2-path approach looks like:
[ Heat---> Burn]--->[2-path scheme]

Pancreatic cancer in most cases is found already metastasised, so one can extend the sequence according to where it has happened, like in case of liver metastases:
[ Heat---> Burn (pancreas)-->Dampness (lymph.system)--->Wind (liver)]--->[2-path scheme] 

Pancreas and liver are linked by system of ducts, so there's likely no need for a special means for cancer to spread to, however addressing lymphatic system traces spreading to other locations.

Difficulties in pancreatic cancer treatment including special problems for surgery and life quality after that are well-known.
Su-jok has more tools besides the above schemes, like:
--- Local systems which make possible targeting any location of metastases besides the primary
cancer's location
--- blocking cancer's spreading through full system of boyl-chakras oriented to all 4 directions to where 
cancer can move within the main level covered by a particular chakra (i.e. whole thoracic region for Wind chakra, 1):


---  Border/Core meridians to cover for example, the whole trunk.

For pancreas the energies in 8 Qi and energies reflecting organ's location do not match, and this is among the most complex cases for treatment:

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