May 7, 2011

Heart attack VI, serious cases

This condition is life-threatening which is reflected in med. statistic, and not uncommon 
to leave one disabled over monthes and years.
In case of deep and severe damage of myocardium addressing Cold energy may be not enough and
one may need to address Darkness meridian:

This scheme is oriented more on that type of development as steady, progressive loss of circulation,
functions, growing life-treatening symptomes, which correspond to nature of Darkness energy.

Severe cases with a variety of dangerous symptomes and unpredictable turns, growing chaos in 
body functions, relate more to the energy of Light as polar life-threatening energy.
Unfortunately in such case the energy picture is a complex mixture of Yin and Yang symptomes
where Dryness and Cold energies for roots of heart attack are accompanied by Yang energies
so it's hard to suggest a general scheme.

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