October 28, 2011

Heart problems, complex case, session 2

Second session:
1. Basic energy points for this case:

Harmonization by Triangles:

 the patient is having energy deficit for lower
part/right side of body

2. Fundamental Triorigin scheme:

To avoid dangers described in:

besides points targeting heart (above) there was only needle to Neitro point on the final
Ho meridian, so far Neitro energy comprises all features of Gomo=Yin and 
Hetero = Yang energies and can never give harmful effect; also a needle perpendicular in Neito point.

The patient's state was being monitored for 10 min then a needle added to sedate Gomo energy.
The scheme was working smoothly and safely which is natural for both Triorigin approach
and Neitro meridians system.

3. Time Energies scheme, described in:

4. Outer chakras:
--- an energy hole in Cold chakra which is always serious, also in Dampness chakra.
The patient was recommended for self-treatment:
--- Basic energy points and Harmonization by Triangles
--- Time Energies for the moment of heart attack by taping seeds
--- plant seeds on liver, heart and kidney zones in Insect Correspondence system:

--- a scheme by crystals to restore Outer Dampness chakra:

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