May 28, 2017

Burkitt lymphoma, very serious case, distant healing

The boy from Ukraine have lost 13 kg in just 2 weeks to weigh just 37 kg being 175 cm tall - an episode in his cancer history. 

Operation, which wasn't successful, due to tumor having grown already into vital zones, multiple chemotherapies by now.

The severity of this case reveals with very unusual fact, that well-known foreign clinics were reluctant to accept him - and he's still residing in Russia with treatments.

Distant healing done for already 4 months, recent update from his mother:
"... The tumor hasn't shrunk, even just a bit! This is very upsetting, considering, he's feeling much better - so what's the problem?..."

This has explaination: with such advanced case the developed cancer's energy exceeds all available energy in body, and distant healing utilizes EVERY BIT of it to keep cancer frozen or at min progression - enough for body to be getting stronger bit by bit. Until the gained energy equals already collected cancer's energy - no change for tumor can be expected, or only less vital tumor parts may shrink.

Chemotherapy shrinks tumor - but has no effect on cancer's ROOTS - so it keeps progressing at the same speed, and even faster, after one's immune system and vitality gets essentially destroyed by it. 

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