January 14, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords, head shot III

Healing by Time Energies was described earlier:

For mrs.Giffords case:

First scheme is for the moment of accident, Jan 8, 2011.

Simplest version with all 3 points working in harmonization mode:
--- marked on joints fingers

2 versions with targetted action described by ellipses on palm:
--- ellipses are the cross-section of the joint with point 3, view from top!
--- all points are at 90* to each other: the green point on the first ellipse is in the joint knuckle, the blue point - on the medial line on the right side of a finger

This scheme has emergency action to manage bullet impact, bleeding (discussed earlier), restore integrity of damaged tissue.


The same for the second ellipse.

This scheme is usually used later to manage brain swelling and 
long-term post-traumatic complications (see the first post).

The above schemes alone helps recovery; if combine with a scheme for the current day, the effect will be
much stronger:
--- points 1 and 2 stay the same
--- point 3 and the joint to apply schemes 2 and 3
is marked by small brown numbers for each day
i.e. 14, 15... to 21 January

Treatment methods were described in:

So far this method is 100% safe, one can use needles:
--- non-professionals use simplest 1-st method with 3 green points
--- needles doesn't need to be inserted into flesh, simple contact of tip with skin is enough
--- one can use pine or spruce needles just washed of dust
--- one makes a tiny hole in a piece of tape, inserts a needle and tapes this into the point so that
needle's tip touches skin
--- needles are taped in sequence of numbers, all them perpendicular to skin, for 20 min.

There may be moxibustion:
--- heating the points in the sequence by an incense stick, holding it perpendicular at comfortable distance,
for 0.5-1-2 min each, start with 0.5 min,or until a pleasant warm sensation at each
This is easy and may work even stronger for traumas.

 Easier methods:
--- massage of points in a sequence by smth like round tip of a pencil
--- taping green natural crystals onto all 3, crystals may be any like malachite, peridote, amazonite etc, size 2-4 mm, for several hours, up to 24 hours. After use to be treated in salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours
--- black or green plant seeds like pepper grains/lentils, for several hours up to 24 hours, then changed 
to fresh ones.

Using both schemes, for 8 January and current day: scheme for 8-th Jan in the morning and for current day in the evening.

Time Energies methods are unique in their simplicity and efficiency.

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