January 24, 2011

Gabrielle Goffords, head shot, update

Update to the post:
As the entering point of bullet was on her face not a shot from behind as previously announced, 
the energy mapping for the wound from this side:
Burn (nerv. system)--->Light (brain)--->Heat (above eyebrows)--->Cold (entering point of bullet, women): scheme related to the symptomes:

For men for the same wound the scheme will differ in last energy:

The scheme in first post is therefore for the area the bullet left her head:

so the 2 schemes can be alternated 
in use.

So far the situation is not life-threatening anymore, her staff may do both schemes for her, just taping
natural crystals size 2-4 mm of the same colours onto points for several hours, begin with 20 min,
changing schemes every day.

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