August 26, 2010

Chi-Gong, cancer and rejuvenation

The Chi-Gong of Muscle/Tendon Changing And Marrow/Brain Washing describerd in a book
issued by YMAA is interesting regarding to cancer due to a practice which focuses on fascia 
and connective tussie.
General idea of any Chi-Gong is collection and transformation of energy to strengthen all weak places 
in the body, brief overview can be found in:

This Chi-Gong tradition uses massage as basic tool and roughly follows the steps:
1 at the beginning:
--- massage of abdomen area 
--- breath exercise with focusing on Dan-Tien 
2. with enough energy in Dan-Tien, one begins practice of Lesser Heavenly Circuit, and the massage
is spread to larger trunk areas.
3. when the trunk is charged, the massage is added to extremities along with practice of Grand Heavenly Circuit to charge the whole body
4. there begins directing energy to bone marrow, which brings bone marrow more and more to the state
of younger people i.e. opposite to ageing.

The body structures in order of raising energy level:
--- muscles/tendons, skin ("outer")
--- fascia and connective tissue("intermediate")
--- bone marrow+brain marrow ("inner")
The massage aims mainly on fascia and connective tissue; the accumulated energy can be 
directed either "outside" to muscles/tendons to strengthen the body or "inside" to bone and brain 
marrow to rejuvelate (regulated by breath techniques).

Fascia and connective tissue are controlled by energy of Dryness in Su-jok terms.
Malignant tumours develop from structures related to Dryness:
--- cancer - epithelium
--- sarcoma - connective tissue
so this Chi-Gong may be especially good to prevent diseases rooting in 
Dryness structures.

Su-jok has:
--- basic energy points for Lesser Heavenly Circuit
--- ascess to bone marrow via acu scheme 
--- to expel the fat and restore the bulk of bone marrow - Gomo tone up in a scheme for
structural aspects
--- to promote circulation in bone marrow - tone up Hetero in a scheme for functional 
Because different people have different areas for structural and functional treatment, 
it's impossible to give general scheme as wrong action on such level may do fundamental
harm to the body.

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