November 11, 2009

Self-treatment - tools

In brief:
1.Marking tne points by a colour pen. This "colours" the light radiating
on the particular point to the colour of the spot drawn thus determining
the type of action: red - usually (but not always!) tone up, blue - sedation,
green - harmonization.
The mildest method used for children.

2. Massage of points, can be done by a round tip of a pencil.
This is also good to do if points have crystals or plant seeds taped on them, right
by massaging the crystals/seeds.
3.Taping natural crystals or plant seeds onto. For the first, there's a specific
way the crystal alters ones energy at the point making it work for healing.
Plant seeds not only modulate the energy at the point but also give in the
energy stored inside for their growth making one generally stronger.
Very valuable methods for chronic conditions as the crystals/seeds work 24/7
so far they're attached to the skin. However the seeds are to be changed
for fresh ones after 12-24 hours, and crystals treated in salted water, 1 teaspoon
for a glass, 24 hours.

4.Small magnets. Their magn field not recognisable by a human begins
being felt (and for some very strongly - up to fainting) when atached onto
the acu point. South pole tones up, North -sedates. Sold in Su-jok
acu shops.

5. Moxibustion, equally powerful to needles treatment.
Indispensable in case of bad energy lack;  moxibustion of basic energy points
(earlier posts) is standard treatment for the first several Su-jok acu sessions.
Done by special moxa cigars or several incense sticks tied together or similar.
Many techniques, thus only the simplest recommended for non-specialists.
Especially valuable for "Cold" diseases like cancer, kidneys stones, traumas,
drug addiction.

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