November 11, 2009

"Double face" nature of cancer

Cancer is Yin -Gomo - residing deep disease by it's roots and at the same time
Yang - Hetero - expansion, by the way it develops. This determines the core
problem for it's treatment.
Things like radio or chemotherapy can hardly be named a treatment, as simple killing
the cells doesn't do anything for it's  roots or generally the ability to proliferate.
More, the cancer cells are known not only to change to another type of cancer , but also
to "give in" 90-99.9% and more of it's cells to chemo, while transferring as much as possible
of their energy to remaining 0.1% making them stronger. When the chemo
is over:
1.these survivours begin spreading with more potential than initial cells
2. the body has got weakened more by the chemo session thus less able to
Resulting in more aggressive cancer and weaker immune system of the body.

For Su-jok acupuncture, the double-face nature of cancer is not a problem as there are
approaches to fight both aspects (will be described later). However, the wrong judgement for the
cancer stage - in terms of Su-jok! - may lead to fast cancer growth for the moment
instead of harnessing it, if this was the goal.

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