November 11, 2009

Spiral Neitro meridians systems and conventional boyl meridians

Have clear and distinct advantages in comparison
with widely used boyl-meridians, as it represents a highly-developed dense network consisting of vertical (similar to boyl-meridians), horisontal, and spiral subsystems.

The Spiral Neitro network on a finger:


vertical                  horizontal          all including spiral

The big advantage of this meridian system is that it works fast and very smooth at the same time
due to multiple connections and crossings between meridians as spiral meridians connect the
vertical and horizontal ones borrwing their points.
This has special value for cancer treatment as the bulk of negative cancer energy gets
immediately distributed over the whole vertical+horisontal+spiral system, leaving less chance
for it to keep rooting in some particular system and providing much less treatment stress for the
body, which is very important at last stages with bad lack of energy in general. 

Concentric Spiral Energy System:

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