October 6, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 4

The patient looked even better with more energy and balanced emotions, which was also due to
the self-treatment sessions done regularly.
Skin rush almost left forearms and less on the trunk.

Sugar levels:
--- 28 - 7,8 
--- 29 - 4,7
--- 30 - 8,1

--- 1- 5,6
The patient administers:
--- long-acting insulin in the morning and evening 17 units
--- rapid-acting insulin after each meal 8-12 units.

1. Triorigin scheme for pancreas, discussed earlier.
2. Time Energies, diabetes +current day, discussed earlier
3. Correction on Nails meridians - showed almost all points got unblocked to various degree and the focus 
of main energy imbalance shifted from Dampness-Wind pair of meridians to Heat-Dryness pair of meridians:

Yin grows in a sequence:
Dampness --->Dryness--->Cold
this indicates treatment affected deeper

4. Examination of External chakras:

Quite serious problems were found on External chakras of 
Dampness - 4, and Wind,  and very seriuos on 
External chakra of Cold -1

Energy hole on External Cold chakra indicates fundamental loss of energy and generally a potential life-threatening condition. 

Treatment was sedation of Hetero by needles and moxa.
The patient clearly felt this working.

4. Examination of Core meridians which had a lot of troubled zones at first session:

there were just 3-4 zones of significant troubles left, which showed a noticeable progress.

Needles were applied just into the zone marked 
red, with moxa treatment. 

The patient was recommended half of teaspoon of blackseed seeds in the morning
and evening.

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