October 3, 2011

Diabetes 1 type, in details, session 1

1-st session consisted of the following:
1. basic energy points, heating all on both hands:

2. a scheme based on autoimmune concept.
The scheme was done on boyl-chakras, their Neitro analogues on fingers joints to have balanced and 
at the same time deep action, which corresponds to the nature of disease: Gomo or Yin.
The patient began feeling the treatment only when needles were being heated by moxa which indicated 
especially deep problems; time for treatment about 30 min.
3. Time energies, based on the moment diabetes was first time addressed, 19 Oct 1992:

The scheme was applied right after the previous
and kept working for 20 min.

Treatment was by needles perpendicular to all points, then moxa heating, then blackseed seeds onto the points (3 seeds for each).


4. Correspondence system: pancreas and bladder zones:

There appeared just 1 sensitive point on bladder zone and nothing on pancreas zone which indicates
the problems are very deep. However one needle in this point and moxa treatment made 3 points active 
on pancreas zone.

The scheme was recommended for self-treatment,
filling the zones by blackseed seeds and keeping 
them for 24 hours.
Fingers of choice are:
--- little finger right hand - finger of Dampness, pancreas
--- ring finger left hand - determined by his "leading"
meridian of 12 meridians.

 5. Core meridians zones: needles, moxa, magnets.
So far:
--- previous treatment shows the disease is rooting very deep
--- diabetes is Yin disease - rooting deep
Core meridians (the deepest of most fundamental) were investigated to reveal many troubled areas:

Little finger right hand from all sides.
Core meridians are horizontal and vertical lines.


--- inserting needles 
--- treating by moxa

The patient appeared to be very sensitive to treatment by magnets which can be used by application or massage (standard method) or similar to moxa treatment:  a magnet kept pointing onto the point and going 
in circles around a needle.
The treatment unblocked a lot of stagnated energy as the patient was feeling the treatment 
rather clearly.

Next treatment was scheduled in 3 days.


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