October 4, 2011

Diabetes I type case, session 2

The patient told about a bit more energy the days after first session.
The emotional state is the same.

1. The fundamental Triorigin scheme:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No (organs)-Ne-Ne-Ho:
--- sedation of Neito, fundamental destruction
--- sedation of Ho, main diabetes energy
--- tone up Ne, healing and harmonization energy
The patient was feeling the treatment which was encouraging sign.

2. Basic energy points and harmonization by triangles:

 treatment to manage imbalance of energy for 
--- upper-lower parts of body
--- left-right side of body
heating the points in a sequence

Basic energy points chosen for the case:

 this also balances energy in left-right side of body so far there's general
insufficiency of it at right side.

3. Time Energies.
2 schemes were combined to treat the moment of brain concussion and the day of treatment:

points 1,2,3 for brain concussion
points 4,5,6 for the energies of a current
Needles into points in a sequence, then heating points by moxa and taping blackseed seeds 3 seeds onto each.


4. Zones for pancreas and bladder in Correspondence system - the same as first session.

Treatments were generally scheduled as 1 session in 3-4 days. 
The patient was recommended for self-treatment between sessions:
--- basic energy points and harmonization by triangles, heating the points ints then taping blackseed seeds
onto basic energy points
--- taping seeds onto zones in Correspondence system
--- heating and taping blackseeds on a Time Energies scheme for brain concussion:

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