August 26, 2011

Organs and cancer behavour II

For some organs energies in 8 Qi and energies reflecting organ's location do not match, and these are among the most complex cases for treatment:

1. pancreas
--- energy of Heat/Burn = Yang in 8 Qi classification, but Dampness = Yin by location.
--- This may explain the silent start of cancerous process Dampness = Yin, and indeed pancreas cancer is quite often discovered already having metastasised, then it may develop very aggressively, reflecting energy of Burn=Yang.

2. liver
--- controlled by energy of Wind=Yang
---  Wind is the energy behind the start of metastasising (generally controlled by energy of Burn). This means, liver's energy naturally supports metastasising start, making liver a  common location for metastases from other organs.
---  the energy for liver location is Dampness=Yin (abdomen), which may give a more silent start
for cancerous process.

Another problem arises from Wind and Dampness energies being in axis relation (pic).
Cancer already has both main energies: Cold for rooting and structures and Burn for spreading, in axis relation.
As both energies are in excess, schemes aimed on
Cold energy to fight cancer's roots can support spreading, and
those to control spreading aimed on Burn can strengthen cancer's roots.
There comes similar problem of energies locking each other:
Wind <-> Dampness, helping the main pair of Cold<->Burn.

This may explain difficulties in liver cancer treatment.

3. lungs
--- controlled by energy of Dryness=Yin, but energy for their location is Wind = Yang (thoracic region)
  --- the same for silent development (Dryness=Yin), and possible aggressive spreading after - 

4. Breasts:
--- may be regarded as part of reproductive system (approach used in most advanced Triorigin healing) - ultimate Yin
--- however energy for breasts location is Wind=Yang (thoracic region)
--- breasts are especially rich in lymphatic nodes, and lymph. system, Dampness=Yin, is used by cancer 
to spread.

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