August 24, 2011

Sean Connery

An entry about one of best actors ever, whose talent and actors career doesn't need to be additionally described here.
The info on his health was taken from Wikipedia and other sources:

1. During his service in Navy he experienced duodenum (or stomach - different sources) ulcer, which forced him to quit; duodenum ulcer is reported as a condition which was hereditary to have affected most of the males in the family in generations before him.

2. In 1993 he was reported to undergo a radiation treatment for a throat condition; he himself told this was treatment for vocal cords nodules. There's been concerns about throat cancer in public so far his father
has had this condition.

3. He had surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes in 2003.

4. He has had a surgery for kidney tumour in 2006 January.

5. In 2008 he chipped a bone in his shoulder in an accident while playing golf.

6. In 2009 he was diagnosed with heart condition (no additional info).

The Su-jok medicine evaluation of these conditions and schemes:

1. Duodenal ulcer: Heat--->Burn: Dryness excess
Stomach ulcer: Heat--->Dampness: Dryness excess, 
the energy of Dryness generally responsible for ulcerization.

2. Throat is generally controlled by energy of Heat:

Any throat condition can be treated on Heat meridian or 

Vocal nodules as soft tumours are controled by energy of Dampness, so the scheme:

Heat: Dampness excess
(the same energies involved as in N1)

Vocal cords can have their own energy sequence:
Dryness (respiratory system)--->Cold (mouth and throat)--->Dryness (position of vocal cords): Dampness excess
(energies of Dryness and Dampness, N1)

3. Eyes are generally controlled by energy of Burn.
The full sequence:
Burn (nerv. system)--->Wind (senses)--->Burn (vision)---> Cold (lenses): Cold excess 
cataract is excess of energy of Cold. 
This also gives a set of specific energies. 

4. Kidneys are controlled by energy of Cold, the scheme for tumour
Cold (kidneys): Dampness excess (soft tumours) or Cold excess (malignant tumours)
(again energy of Cold and Dampness, see N2)

5. Shoulder fracture: shoulders are controlled by energy of either Burn (left shoulder, men)
or Dampness (right shoulder). Taken together, they both are controlled by energy of Burn.
Sequence for shoulder trauma in general:
Burn: Cold excess
(again energies of Burn and Cold)

6. Heart condition: cardiovascular system is controlled by energy of Heat, the sequence
Heat (circulatory system)--->Heat (cardiovascular system): harmful energy of a disease
(again energy of Heat, N2)
From the previous one can suppose this may be one of Yin conditions, like Dryness energy as:
ischemia, insufficiency of any sort, also irregular heart beating.
Energy of Cold causes heart attack so this is less likely as such case would have had wide resonance 

It's seen without deep analysis, - just by colour of energies -  that the same energies are repeating in different combinations giving different conditions which makes them all interconnected, for example:
---  the scheme for stomach ulcer is close to scheme for vocal nodules:
Heat--->Dampness: Dryness excess
Heat: Dampness excess
---  the energy sequence for vocal cords:
Dryness (respiratory system)--->Cold (mouth and throat)--->Dryness (position of vocal cords): Dampness excess
 has all main harmful energies which cause conditions listed above: Dampness (soft tumours), Dryness (ulcerization), Cold (cataract, traumas)

--- energy of Burn reveals in a sequence for eyes and duodenum, and it is also energy controlling shoulders region in general = Burn 

--- energy of Cold reveals itself as energy of disease: cataract, trauma, also as energy of affected
organ: kidneys.

The general acu recipe can combine most of the above in one scheme:

 The scheme combines treatment for:
--- vocal nodules, general approach
via Heat meridian
--- detailed sequence for cataract
--- added to the previous scheme is treatment for soft tumour for kidneys on Cold meridian
--- general treatment for shoulders trauma on Burn meridian.

More general scheme to sedate the whole family of pathogenic Homo energies: Dampness, Dryness and Cold which are behind all conditions, on Burn, Heat, Dryness and Cold meridians:

both schemes to be alternated for best effect.

The same can be done on boyl-chakras, which is preferable, so far meridians schemes represent
"Hetero" = Yang approach, and boyl-chakras are
"Homo" = Yin approach.

Colour of points is as usual the colour of natural crystals to tape onto points for self-treatment.
One can combine this with easy moxibustion - heating the crystals by several incense sticks tied together perpendicular to all points.

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