August 6, 2011

Cycling: wrists/hands (and ankles/feet) traumas

This is treatment for individual arms and legs so far cyclist usually gets one of both injured after a crash.
Wrists and hands traumas are not uncommon for cyclists and bring a lot of inconvenience because
of the whole weight of upper part of body and constant action (brakes etc); ankles and feet are well-protected by shoes so this is less topical.

Wrists and hands, the scheme for: 
--- left wrist and left ankle for men
--- right wrist and ankle for women
Wind (ligaments)--->Wind (left wrist and left ankle for men): Gomo (energy of trauma) sedate, Hetero (opposite energy) tone up , Neitro, Neito (controlling energies) control

 treatment was described earlier.

The same for:
---right wrist and ankle for men
--- left wrist and ankle for women

If a crash involves both wrists/hands:
--- both wrists are treated by first scheme because if taken both they belong to energy of Wind
--- similarly, trauma of both ankles is treated by the second scheme, belonging to energy of Cold.

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