January 4, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, Inner chakras

Inner chakras are responsible for energy distribution within certain body level/organs and systems:

At left:
--- 6 - chakra of Cold
--- 5 - Dryness
--- 4 - Dampness
--- 1 - Wind
--- 2 - Heat
--- 3 - Burn
Two more ones:
--- chakra of Light - nail 
--- S - Solar chakra

 --- 3, Burn:  at 2/3 distance from the joint line to the top of finger
--- 1, Wind: halfway between joints lines
--- 4, Dampness: 3/4 of a distance between Cold chakra 6 and Solar chakra S.
--- 6, Cold: just above the anatomical end of a metacapral bone for each finger from every side:
Side windows for this chakra are open only for index and little fingers, so are used there regardless of
what finger is used.

Other chakras centres are on corresponding joints lines.
Each chakra has 4 windows towards each side of a finger with anatomical anchor points
for mapping exactly the same, i.e. Burn chakra centre on fingers sides is 2/3 distance between
joint line and top of finger.

Everything described earlier about use of Outer boyl-chakras, links between chakras and organs, fingers choice and remedies/tools:
and subsequent posts, stays the same for treatment by Inner boyl-chakras, allowing to combine schemes on both for deeper action.

Outer and Inner chakras have somewhat different functions, which however is not important for this 
type of treatment.

Inner boyl-chakras have 2 more ones i.e. Light and Solar
chakras with controlling function.
Thus Light chakra may be added to all described schemes, i.e. applying remedies on nail surface of chosen fingers.

Windows for Solar chakra S actually match 4 of Outer chakras (left), so already get used in this method. 


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