January 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez, possible cancer schemes

Possible scheme for Hugo Chavez case to demonstrate several ideas for cancer treatment, based on available info:
---"pelvic cancer"
--- for worst-case scenario, recent respiratory problems caused by metastatic process 
into lungs.

For "pelvic cancer" one may have:
--- cancer of reproductive system
--- bone cancer with primary location in pelvic region
--- sarcoma of any tissue located in pelvic region
and some other.

It's important that:
--- pelvic region is regionally controlled by Dryness/Cold energy
--- bones are also controlled by Cold
--- reproductive system generally controlled by energy of Darkness, can be attributed to Cold energy.
Sarcoma can originate in any type of tissue like muscle, having energy of Wind behind, however energy for it's location stays Dryness/Cold.  

Considering the worst-case scenario, for metastatic cancer/sarcoma:
--- original location controlled by Dryness/Cold energy
--- metastatic process through lymphatic system, Dampness energy
--- liver as common location for metastases, Wind energy
--- metastasing has got to lungs, Dryness energy

The 2-path approach:
 gives a scheme:
[Cold/Dryness(pelvis)--->Dampness (lymph.system)--->Wind (liver)--->Dryness (lungs)]--->[2-path scheme]:

 right hand, men

For any milder case like pelvis cancer hasn't spread
the scheme is "overkill", guarding the metastasing by having both responsible energies:
---  Dampness (lymph. system)
--- Wind (the initial impulse to metastasise, liver) 

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