January 10, 2013

Burns, pain management and local application of remedies

Adding to the Local systems mentioned earlier, any remedy can be applied onto a stricken zones in Correspondence systems:

allows to address the burnt areas without actual contact with them;

Lungs/large intestine are also controlled 
by Dryness energy, which may be used in treatment.

Insect Corrspondence system , all fingers except thumbs (where it is different):

easy mapping for kidneys and other organs 

Pain management on good level which may be done by non-specialist in Su-jok is work
on both Outer and Inner chakras of Dryness controlling skin, by applying for example, local anaesthetics
along the joints lines.
Good to mix the crystalline drug with viscous inert substance like vaseline or honey and make a strip of pulp
2-3 mm thick on a medicine tape to wrap the joints:

In serious cases this allows: 
--- to take burden from body systems which may be already overloaded by different nedicine applied through bloodstream 
--- to decrease the amount of opiate painkillers and have less problems from drugs interaction/accumulation/present allergies 
--- the same for general stress to liver/kidneys, implying the possibility 
of kidneys failure.

Local applications usually work for 2-3 hours.

Strong constant pain has energy of Cold behind, to be managed on both Outer and Inner Cold chakras.
Generally one can:
--- sedate Cold point as main point for Cold meridian
--- tone up Darkness or Neito energy as ultimate "calmness"
however Cold chakras also control kidneys making any sedation of energy risky for possible kidney complications.
The option for non-professionals is to have needle perpendicularly into Darkness/Neito point (brown points, also taping a portion of the anaestetics), to generally  harmonize situation.