January 8, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma, chakras to apply remedies, Physical chakras

One may still have significant physical energy at advanced stage of cancer/sarcoma, to be used by the following scheme:

Chakras mapping:
--- Darkness- anus
--- Cold - orifice of ureter
--- Dryness - navel
--- Dampness - nipples
--- Wind - mouth
--- Heat - nostrills
--- Burn -ears
--- Light - eyes


The choice for Physical chakras is exactly the same as described in previous posts, so everything about fingers choice, remedies/methods:
and related posts, stays the same, allowing to add this to previous treatments on Outer and Inner chakras.

This scheme has chakras of Light and Darkness, so the schemes where these energies were attributed to Burn and Cold energies respectively, get full-scope, for example:
Leukemia, megakaryocytes/erythrocytes:
--- chakras of Cold 2 and Burn 7 as main cancer's energies
--- Heat chakra 6, cardiovascular system
--- Darkness chakra 1, energy controlling megakaryocytes, or Light 8, for erythrocytes.
Prostate/cervical cancer:
--- chakras of Cold 2 and Burn 7 as main cancer's energies
--- Darkness chakra 1, reproductive system
--- Wind 5, prostate/cervix within it.

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