December 29, 2012

Poorly healing fractures II

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One may add massage/moxa treatment/plant seeds etc for a Kidney and Bladder zones
in a Correspondence system, so far bones are controlled by energy of Cold, 
also controlling kidneys:

special finger of Cold is ring finger right hand, so working on both ring fingers also involves energy of Burn the main healing one for chronic traumas.

One may also do a chakral treatment, which is a field for specialists; simplest version for non-specialists 
but still on fundamental level, is heating by moxa the Outer Cold boyl-chakra:

at every finger root, on both hands.
Size 4-5 mm.

Specialists may add the same for one more chakra
corresponding to the energy of a broken bone in regional mapping, i.e. External chakra of Dampness for hip bones controlled by energy of Dampness etc.

Finally, one may use Physical chakra of Cold, which is external urethral orifice, in any Correspondence system, similar to the above treatment.

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