December 27, 2012

(Chronic) pelvic pain

Pelvis regionally is mapped in energies:
Cold (bones)--->Cold (pelvis)
with pain being excess of Ho energies family:
--- dull, annoying - Dampness
--- sharp, twisting - Dryness
--- strong constant - Cold
Chronic process relates to energy of Darkness in 8 Qi or Neito in Triorigin:

--- green points - needles perpendicularly
--- brown lines - needles direction
--- colour of points indicate colour of natural crystals to be taped onto

Violet point is sedation of Darkness in case of a chronic process; otherwise it is green
(needle perpendicularly or no needle).

Self-treatment is much stronger with heating of the points by 3 incense sticks in a sequence, perpendicularly to all at comfortable distance, 1 min each, which one may do right through the tape (to be thin enough).

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