December 31, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, remedies types

General info about the method:

Remedies to apply may be taken from those proposed for various alternative cancer treatment protocols:
1. Herbs compositions with specific cancer fighting properties, to strengthen the immune system etc
2. Baker soda - to alkalize body to make it more Yang fighting the main cancer's energy of Cold.
The same effect has the anticancer remedy mentioned here:
--- Blackseed oil - 120 ml
--- Blackseed seeds finely milled - 125g
Soda is actually taken in drinks which is itself a general action, so chakral applications may not be essential.
3. Parasite killing drugs like Metronidazole to fight the parasite constituent of the disease
4. Enzymes of of broad spectrum of action like papain/bromelain to help destroy cancer's formations. 

What chakras and fingers to use for a remedy is a choice for a practitioner.
Generally, there is no need for a special choice as chakras choice is the same for every finger.

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