December 31, 2012

Leukemia treatment, chakras to apply remedies

General info in the post:

All leukemia cases get the same general scheme involving:
--- Cold VI and Burn III chakras
--- Heat chakra II, cardiovascular system

One may add one more chakra corresponding to the energy of a blood cell involved in cancerous process; the listing is in:
--- for monocytes this is Wind energy, chakra I
--- for basophils - Dryness chakra V
--- for neutrophils - Dampness chakra IV.

Special cases:
--- for T-lymphocytes = Burn and eosinophils = Cold, the energies match the main cancer's energies, 
so the 4-th chakra is not needed 
--- for B-lymphocytes controlled by energy of Heat, 4-th chakra matches the 3-rd chakra of Heat proposed for general leukemia scheme (above)
--- the same applies to megakariocytes, Darkness and erythrocytes, Light, which correspond to Cold and Burn chakras respectively for this scheme, i,e 4-th chakra not needed. 

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